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Grating can be made from any Material, Grating it self is being used to Cover hole, Cover space between 2 elements, to creat grip, for air circulation, to make Transperant, to fill gape with some certain sizes. Grating can be made in any size in any Shape, in any thickness. Metal grating can be made from steel rod, Steel flats, Steel Pipe, Steel bar and in cast iron also. General use of grating is at to make platform, to make Walkway, to cover drainge, to cover holes, to cover tanks where opening is require, to make stair steps, for grill, for partitions, any so many more. For industrial use manly
Metal Grating and FRP Gratings are being used. Again in Metal Grating, Grating can be made manually and by Machine also ( Electro‚Äźforged Grating ). Metal Grating can be Red Oxide Painted, Color Painted, in MS only, Hot DIP Galvanized etc. 90% Metal Grating is being used Hot GIP Galvanized only.

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